Subjects like mathematics and statistics are pretty important for the world economy, mainly as the age of major data comes ahead. By gaining a degree in such subjects, you’ll be well equipped with expert skills in probability and statistics along with options for specialization in applied mathematics or pure mathematics.

World’s Best Universities for Mathematics

Best Universities for MathematicsIf mathematics comes in your interest spectrum or you’re simply planning on getting a degree in the subject, here are some of the best universities for mathematics, listed out just for you.  

1. Harvard University

Situated in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Harvard is a private and elite university in the Boston Area. Having around 7,148 students enrolled for the undergraduate program, this is a medium-sized institution.

The acceptance rate at Harvard is only 5% so the admissions here are quite competitive. Some of the well-known majors here are Political Science and Government, Economics, and Computer Science. 97% of the graduates from Harvard begin by earning an initial salary of $70,300.

2. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

MIT is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and is also a private, elite college in the Boston Area. With about 4,501 students enrolled in its undergraduate program, this is a small institution.

The acceptance rate in MIT is only 7% which makes the admission process here pretty competitive. Mathematics, Computer Science, and Mechanical Engineering are some of the popular majors at MIT. 95% of the graduates from MIT begin by earning an initial salary of $82,200.

3. Yale University

With eighty majors and two thousand courses, all undergraduates of Yale register a single liberal arts college. Students are arbitrarily allocated to Residential Colleges which are clannish communities located in gorgeous buildings gathered on courtyards.

Each building is like a miniature of Yale’s diverse student scene, while they also contain the cosiness of a small cottage. 

Yale focuses on affordability and covers all the financial needs for every student without the need for loans. The policies of Yale focus on letting no student reject classes due to financial reasons. 

4. From the University of Alaska Anchorage

Situated in the Southcentral region of the state of Alaska, this university lies in the core of Alaska’s biggest city, lined by wilderness. UAA is also only a couple of minutes away from outdoor adventure.

Here you’ll also get to have your pick from over a hundred academic programs, opportunities for undergraduate research, and pretty affordable tuition options. UAA is known for providing a top-notch educational experience. From over seventy countries and fifty U६. .S. states, about 11,000 students are known for attending UAA.

5. Stanford University

Situated in Stanford, California, Stanford is a private and elite university in the San Francisco Bay Area. This institution is medium-sized and has around 6,996 students enrolled in its undergraduate programs.

The acceptance rate of this university is only 4%, making the admissions process here exceptionally competitive. Biology, Engineering, and Computer Science are some of the popular majors at Stanford. Around 94% of Stanford graduates begin by earning an initial salary of $70,400.

6. Brown University

Situated in Providence, Rhode Island, Brown is yet another private and elite university on our list. It has around 6,826 students enrolled in the undergraduate programs and it is medium-sized.

The acceptance rate of Brown is only 7%, hence the admissions process here can be considered heavily competitive. Biology, Computer Science, and Economy are some of the best-known majors at Brown University. 96% of the graduates from this university begin by gaining an initial salary of $52,500.

7. University of Chicago

The University of Chicago was leased by John D. Rockefeller in 1890, it is a private university that has existed for more than a century and it has sculpted higher education and the academic lives of undergraduates. This university owns a campus by the shores of Lake Michigan, covering an area of 217-acre.

The first people known for splitting the atom were scholars of UChicago. Also, the scholars here were the ones who measured the speed of light and developed the sector of sociology. The College covers eleven graduate sections and professional schools as it is the biggest academic unit of the university, it also includes on-campus business, law, medical schools, and molecular engineering.

8. Carnegie Mellon University

This University has been rated continuously among the top 25 institutions, Carnegie Mellon University is known all over the world for its take on research and education.

The students here turn out to achieve great success in sectors going from business to mathematics to fine arts and many more. The students in this university are always motivated to form new ideas and to choose a program that helps them change the world. 

9. Duke University

Situated in Durham, North Carolina, this is a private and elite university in the Raleigh Area. Duke has 6,597 students enrolled in its undergraduate program and it is a medium-sized institution.

The acceptance rate in this university is just 8% so the process of admissions in Duke is quite competitive. Computer Science, Mathematics, and Economics are some of the popular subject choices here.  

10. Columbia University

Columbia University has a Central Syllabus that is quite popular and it is further polished by the highly diverse community here. Around 6,000 students come for their undergraduate programs from all fifty states and over a hundred nations find a home on the residential campus located in Morningside Heights.

There are almost a hundred sectors of study that the Columbia College and Engineering undergraduates can pick from while enhancing their classroom dialects via research at over two hundred institutes and centres. If you get to build a foundation at Columbia, it will serve for collaboration, and learning for a lifetime. 

11. University of California – Los Angeles

A public University with a quite high ranking, UCLA is situated in Los Angeles, California. Having 30,969 students enrolled in its undergraduate programs, it is a big institution. The acceptance rate in this university is only 12%, making the admission process here pretty competitive.

Political Science, Sociology, and Economics are some of the subjects that most students from UCLA prefer to major in. 92% of the graduates from UCLA begin by earning an initial salary of $44,500.