With every passing year, the use of mobile phones has been soaring with a multiplier effect.  It rightfully has been proved to be an integral part of modern day lifestyle. So much so that by the fourth quarter of 2018, the number of mobile subscription exceeded the world human population. It reached a staggering 7.9 billion subscriptions against the 7.7 billion people in the world. 

Below are the highlights of the Global Mobile Penetration Report 2018

During the fourth quarter, China had the most subscriptions with more than 20 million addition. Indonesia followed China with more than 7 million and the US with +3 million. The total subscription after the Q4 additions looks like this.

Global Mobile Penetration Report 2018
Source: Ericsson
What are the apps that are used by most people?

Most of the times, it’s always been mobile games. As the volume of the young population rules the world, mid-core games seem to grab more attention against others in most used apps. Below graph shows the growth of apps over 2018

Global Mobile Penetration Report 2018
Source: adjust.com
What are the biggest markets for Mobile Apps?

In 2018, Indonesia was the leading the list of the biggest market for mobile apps followed by Brazil and Korea.

Global Mobile Penetration Report 2018
Source: Adjust
How are Paid and Free Apps doing in the Market?

More often than not, app downloads happen organically. But the trend and predictions by the marketers show that paid apps will gain some momentum in days to come.

Apps like Shopping and Weather seem to be doing well in Paid categories. While Social Network, Communications and tools are the ones that get downloaded the most in Free category.

Global Mobile Penetration Report 2018
Source: adjust