Running a website is not a difficult thing to do, making it earn money for you definitely is. Today we’ll share some insights on how to make your blog earn money for you and how to monetize it.

How do people make money just by running a blog?

How do people make money just by running a website or blog?

First thing first: You need to have something on your blog that is interesting to a larger audience or readers.  From a list of all your interests make a smaller list that you can share things about, write articles on. For instance, if you are into interior designing, you can write articles on it, share ideas about the related field and stuff. Those readers you’ll be hoping to come to your blog will be your target audience.

1. What should be the Contents?

When you write and publish an article that will be accessible to whoever in the world wants to read it. If you write really well, and if the readers find the article really interesting and helpful, they’ll share it. That way you’ll get some traffic to come into your website. However, this organic way of generating traffic is very difficult until you write it exceptionally well and comply with some SEO Techniques.

Having said that, going for Paid Advertisements will not necessarily earn you good enough traffic for you to make money. Nobody would want to read a blog of substandard quality and shitty language. The blog’s content has to make sense and it has to be credible.

Once you find some visitor, make sure they’ll be returning again. While writing your blog, you should be very careful about the readers being able to connect themselves with the content somehow. Make sure whatever they read in your blog, they find it interesting and useful.

2. What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

For your blog to get more attention and attract more visitors, it has to be search engine friendly. The process of making your website or blog search engine friendly is called Search Engine Optimization or SEO.

Now SEO is not something that a hardcore IT geek can only know. There are simple guidelines that include a list of Do’s and Dont’s, you simply have to follow them.

Let us simply assume that you have a blog post titled, “Best DIY interiors for your living room”. You would definitely want more people to find the link to this post. You can assume that if someone googles about this topic and google will show your link in the search result. Bingo!  You have a visitor.

Unfortunately, it ain’t that simple. You need to make sure that Google, as a search engine finds your blog before bothering about someone who literally googles about the topic, finds it or not. Only when the search engine knows that you have contents related to what people are searching, it will be able to show your post in search results.

3. How does Google know that I have something that people are looking for?

Trust me it does. But you need to write in the correct format and structure. Google has an algorithm that keeps crawling and scanning all the webpages in the world.

It will scan and store your link if you’ve followed the guidelines while writing and publishing your post. If not, Google won’t recognize it and if that happens, nobody will find your link because it won’t show up in the search result. Ranking high on Google thus means people being able to find your contents easily when they search it.

4. Where will the money come from?

Once you get your SEO game right and start getting regular visitors, people will notice that your blog is a good place to advertise their business. Make sure you have a “Contact Us’ page with your contact details.

There are a lot of methods to make money like selling digital products, organize webinars, selling premium membership services, selling tutorials etc. But for a blogger who just wants to share their knowledge, experience or interests, you can simply sell your space for advertisements like:

All you need to do is simply apply for Google Adsense. After you get approved, they’ll share a code which you need to place in your blog for the ads to display. You can choose what kinds of ad and what size and design you want on your website. You’ll have a dashboard to monitor what ads are generating how much income for you.

  • Direct Ads

There will be people or companies reaching out to you requesting to buy some space on your webpage to display their ads. You can negotiate on the amount you want for showing their ad based on the reputation(traffic, credibility etc) of your blog.

  • Affiliate Links and Ads

There are a lot of online businesses and companies that offer other websites and blogs to share the affiliate links and banners of their product to sell. In return, they offer you a certain commission on each sale. Some of them are

5. What about Marketing and Promotion?

Your first blog cannot speak for itself. Make a habit of sharing your blog post in your social profiles and your professional community. Make an official account of your blog on all major social platforms and keep them updated. If you want to go for paid advertisements, you can contact a relevant blog to share a link to your blog or even go for advertisement platforms like