It’s a common thing. Everybody’s dog at times eats grasses. There has been some research but no definite answers have come out. However, Most of the experts seem to believe that dogs tend to do so as a measure to settle their unrest stomach.

Why do Dogs eat grass?

This is believed to be true because sometimes when your dog is fed with something heavy or oily or something out of her regular meal, the stomach reacts abnormally and the dog end up sniffing and eating grass.  This is quite common across all breeds of dog. Most common reasons why dogs eat grass are:

  1. Sometimes dog exhibit this behaviour to make themselves throw up. Occasional vomiting in dogs is normal.
  2. Dogs also tend to eat grass due to their gastrointestinal issues.  Feeding them with a too oily and fatty meal can lead to this.
  3. Vets suggest that dogs react by eating grass to subdue the effects of intestinal worms.
  4. Some dogs instinctively seek nutrition in the grass. A study on a breed (poodle) showed that the dog’s daily habit of eating and vomiting was gone as soon as he was put on a regular fiber diet.
  5. Some dogs also have a genetic habit of eating grass. It’s completely normal though.

Should I stop my dog from eating grass?

If the dogs erratically exhibit the habit of eating grass too often, the experts advise that the regular meal or diet they have been offered should be rechecked and monitored.

Checking the vomit might help. If the dog is too often vomiting grass and regular food. Something might be serious and a vet should be consulted soon.