We’ve seen this, watched this every time an athlete wins a medal in the Olympics but normally we don’t tend to give it a thought that why Olympic winners always give a ‘Medal Biting Pose’?

So Why Olympic winners always give a ‘Medal Biting Pose’?

It’s not something that the players do on their own. During the medal distribution ceremony, it’s actually the Photographers that ask the players to pose that way. It has now become an iconic shot and all the photographer constantly ask for the ‘medal biting pose’.

Historically it was a practice to test whether gold is pure or not. Pure gold is soft and you can even leave your teeth mark with a gentle gnaw.

Obviously, the medal is not pure gold. However, it does have a 24-carat gold plating. So the practice that once started as a test to check the quality of gold, has now become an obsession of the photographer to take images of the winners biting the medals.

By the way, How much does medal winners win in Olympics?

The Olympics committee does not give away any prize money for the winners. However, the countries, in regard to the glory the winners bring, reward them with prize money. That prize money differs every time within countries.

The US national Olympics committee gives away $37,500 for each gold medal, $22,500 for silver and $15,000 for bronze.

Players from Singapore earn the maximum medal bonuses. The gold medal winners for Singapore wins USD 1,000,000.00,  the silver medal winner gets $500,000.00 and bronze medal winner gets USD 250,000.00

Not all the participating countries necessarily pay the medal bonus. Indonesia pays USD 746,000, USD 378,000 and USD188,000 for gold, silver and bronze respectively. Other countries that give prize money for medal winners include Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Italy, Hungary, Russia, France, South Africa, Germany and Canada. More details about the medal winners income can be read in moneyunder30.com.

Featured Image: Clive Rose/Getty Images