Quantum computing is a computing theory that focuses on operating computer technology based on quantum theory. Quantum theory is a fundamental theory of physics that explains the characteristics and behavior of material and energy on the atomic and subatomic levels.

Top 10 Quantum Computing Companies
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Top Quantum Computing Companies

The main difference between quantum computing and computers today is, it uses quantum bits and qubits. On the other hand, computers today can encode information in bits taking the value of only 0-1 with restriction in the ability.

Quantum computing is also known as a new method based on physics that creates opportunities for a new way of computing. Nowadays, quantum computing is evolving in different sectors like banking, health care, cybersecurity, and more.

These supercomputers can process data with high speed at a higher rate than regular computers can. Most businesses and companies are accepting and implementing quantum computing in their business. Let’s delve into the top 10 quantum computing companies.

1. Microsoft

With collaboration with academics and research and development, Microsoft has come up with quantum computing as a possibility to solve society’s complex challenges. Microsoft has always committed itself to bring change to the community. Here, quantum computing is one of their crucial commitments. Microsoft computing can achieve experimental and theoretical processes for quantum computers, employing scholars, physicists, mathematicians, and more.

They aim to develop and implement quantum computing over classical computers. They are enabling a comprehensive approach to deliver technology to have a commercial impact with quantum. They have now achieved advancement in every layer of the quantum stack, including devices, applications, software, and controls.

They also have Azure quantum, known as Microsoft Azure, where you can use to run Microsoft computing programs and solve optimizations in the cloud. Using azure quantum, you can create quantum programs and allow them to run against different other quantum programs.

2. Cold Quanta

Cold Quanta is the leader of Cold Atom Quantum Technology.
They aim to display Quantum core-based quantum computing technology. Quantum core can get used in several quantum systems.

It allows maintaining global positioning, communications, and signal processing. However, the company is still focusing on the improvement and modification of quantum computing. It will help them to create the right kind of technology for quantum computing platforms.

3. Zapata Computing

Zapata computing company is a company that builds quantum computing software to boost quantum solutions and functionality. The unique feature of Zapata computing is, it uses Orquestra, an end-to-end toolset for quantum computing.

Currently, Orquestra integrates with IBM quantum open quantum system and Qis kit. Zapata Computing has expanded its global leadership in quantum computing. Zapata also says, most experts predict that quantum computers will be available to solve real-world business problems.

Also, within few years, enough quantum computers will enable advantages for real business problems. There are three areas where we can see the merits of quantum computers within few years. They are machine learning, simulation of quantum computing (chemistry).

4. 1QBit

According to some resources, 1QBit has collaborated with a technology consulting company known as Accenture and biotech universal Biogen to build a molecular modeling application with the help of quantum computing. It will help in the development of advancement for neurodegenerative diseases like dementia.

1Qbit is a company with a diversified team of experts who collaboratively explore different methods of computation. They use quantum computing to tackle business problems that will help to tackle faster than traditional computing. They aim to eliminate possible problems that may arise in any business so that they function smoothly.

1QBit provides quantum-inspired software to solve the most demanding computational problems and challenges.

5. Qc-ware

Qc-ware uses quantum cloud computing platforms for enterprises. The company provides software that allows the software to fit compatibly with quantum computing hardware. Most researchers and organizations are incorporating quantum computing into their business model with the help of QC-ware.

Their target customers are people from anywhere who has GitHub account. Its mission is to develop algorithms and software to address customer’s questions and demands. They are also developing a beta release for their software platform.

The main objective of the company is to ease the access of quantum computing to classically-trained data scientists. Also, it offers performance speed-ups on the near-term hardware.

6. Honeywell

Honeywell is known as one of the early industry leaders of quantum computing. In 2014, the company got established by taking part in an innovative research program to learn more about technology and quantum computing. Their focus and investment are in the concept of trapped ion quantum computing. It is the method that makes ions suspended in the space that relays data via their movement.

7. D-wave Solutions

The company’s main objective is to maximize the advantage of using quantum computing. The company has developed more than 150+ user-developed apps like chemistry modeling, engineering health, airline schedules, and automotive designs.

It allows various companies to explore quantum computing possibilities in everything from machine learning to material science and automation. In 2015, D-wave’s 2X quantum computers had installed more than 1000 qubits at Quantum Artificial Intelligence Lab at NASA. The company has subsequently shipped systems with 2048 qubits.

8. IBM

IBM is one of the world’s leading quantum computing companies. It provides practical quantum skills and the merits of using quantum computing in the real world.
It provides a leading cloud platform and cognitive solutions.

IBM allows customers to contact professionals, researchers for building and enhancing the evolution of quantum computing. It is also a company that got first initiated to establish quantum computers for business purposes. They are advancing quantum computing technology and its applications to make quantum broadly usable and accessible.

9. Regetti

It is a company that aims to provide superconducting quantum integrated circuits. It has developed control systems to perform quantum logic operations. The company also facilitates hybrid quantum and programs that built and get executed by using open-source Python tools.

10. Xanadu

Xanadu is a Canada-based quantum technology company that aims to create quantum computers which are accessible to all. The company has a Xanadu quantum cloud, also known as XQC, which allows users to access near-term quantum devices.

Hence, these are the top 10 companies that use quantum computing and have enhanced the evolution of quantum computing in the real world.